Salvation Testimony (Pan-Sul Lim: 2018 03 11)

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Hallelujah! this is Pan-Sul Lim who are saved.

I would like to express my gratitude to the many brothers and sisters who gave me the opportunity to make a promise to the Lord in the precious spirit of the Lord.

In 2016, my wife was very ill. I had no idea that such an ordeal would come to me. My wife was admitted to the hospital and underwent major surgery.

While my wife was in the hospital for two weeks, the pastor and wife came to visit and prayed for her, praying for a full recovery without receiving chemotherapy.
Perhaps it was because of the sincere prayers of the pastor and his wife, God answered their prayers, and he was able to be discharged without chemotherapy.

I was originally a person who had no intention of going to church.

But in my heart, I promised in my heart that if God would hear the pastor's prayer, I would take my wife's hand and go to church.

Now, the best meeting of my life is to receive Jesus, the Son of God, who created the heavens and the earth.

I thank Jesus for making me the person God wants me to be and guiding me to live the life He wants me to live.

It is a sinful life, but I believe that Jesus forgives my sins and becomes my savior.

I close my testimony by confessing that Jesus is my savior.