After the way to happiness - Jung Woon Chung (20210620)

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Ending the road to happiness? Ending the road to happiness? Ending the road to happiness?
I don't like something, so I'm trying to fix it.
The path of happiness is the path of unhappiness.
Finish, finish, finish, and leave it alone.
End of misery! Happy start! Isn't there a saying
I met Brother Haeman on the road to happiness every Tuesday and we were together for a long time.
The testimonials were a meeting through the book The Path to Happiness, but it was good to know each other's personalities and the various aspects of each other's lives.
I also found out that you are a very nice person.
They buy chicken every week, so I'm not saying that at the level of Abu.^^
If you look at the contents of the book on the road to happiness, you can see the dialogue for communication, feelings of inferiority, depression, shame, adult children, perfectionism, forgiveness, gratitude, blessing and training, and raising a happy family.
There are so many.
I was going to present all of these things this time, but the time allotted to me is short, so I will make a brief summary.
I hope that this time, which I am announcing for a while, will be a comfortable time for my brothers and sisters.
On the road to happiness, there are also paragraphs made up of negative words such as inferiority, depression, shame, adulthood, perfectionism, but I will not publish them.
To talk negatively about a life that lacks 24 hours and is not enough to talk with God, thank God, and live happily in the blessings God has given.
First, be grateful.
Personally, thank you for allowing me to say thank you every time I go to bed, when I wake up, after work, and whenever I want.
Thank you for allowing me to meet the angelic brothers and sisters, including Pastor Chang-beom Ko, who is good at preaching at the Good Neighbor Church.
Our brothers and sisters too, when living in the world are difficult, stressed, discouraged, negative thoughts, worried, angry, or depressed, how about continuing to say thank you for 3 minutes?
If your heart is full of gratitude, won't there be no room for negative thoughts? How do you say thank you when you are so angry, resentful, or difficult? In such a case, you can say thank you while thinking about a time when it was more difficult to endure and more difficult than it is now.
There has never been a time in your life as hard as it is now?
In that case, you can say thank you, thinking that it is a small ordeal given to you to overcome more difficult trials that may come to you in the future. There should be no greater ordeal in the future, though.
Speak to yourself. like this “If you can’t overcome an ordeal like this, how do you plan to overcome it when a bigger ordeal comes later?” I mean.

Second, dialogue for communication
I think it is a very important part of living in the world. I think it is essential for creating a smooth interpersonal world. If the conversation doesn't go well with each other, the relationship will definitely break, and furthermore, there will be cases where both don't see each other.
If there is any misunderstanding between each other, we should try to resolve it through dialogue, and we should not keep it in our hearts.
Throughout your life, you have met many people and you must have had many conversations with them. When you meet someone, hang out with that person, and have a conversation, you will be able to understand the character of that person.
As long as we live in the world, no one is perfect. Everyone has shortcomings, makes mistakes, and what I say or do can cause harm to others.
I think the principle of life in this world is to be hurt and disappointed by the actions or words of others to me.
If you don't know anything else, how do you deal with situations or words that disappoint or make it difficult for you?
Like all brothers and sisters, I also try to be patient and understand if possible. If I can't do it, I politely express my intentions. Even if you do that, if the other person does not accept it and you do not try to change it, that will end your relationship with that person.
This has been my way of interpersonal relationships so far.
But from now on, I will try to be patient and understand more, and I will try to think and act as much as possible from the other person's point of view.
Jesus said that if someone does something wrong to me, I have to forgive them ten times and a hundred times. It will be difficult, but I will try my best to put it into practice.

Also, I think that the most important way to communicate with the other person is to listen to the other person's story rather than talking a lot, and to find the good points of the other person and give them a lot of praise.
As the saying goes, praise makes even whales dance.

I hope that the brothers and sisters of our Good Neighbor Church can give and receive only things that each other can praise each other for.
Until the day we go to heaven together, I hope that all the good neighbors of the church will be happy and smiling.
thank you.