Salvation Testimony (Jung, Young il 220501)

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Brother Youngil Jung's testimony of salvation

  I lived my childhood in an environment where I did not know the will or the Word of God. When I turned 28, I came across the word of God while coming to Korea in 2004, and from then on, I started attending church occasionally.
  Even then, I lacked faith, and I did not listen to the weekly sermons and lived a life just like the rest of the world. Life in Korea was lived with discrimination, exclusion, and neglect. However, as we received God, got to know Him, and listened to His Word, our evil hearts and thoughts began to disappear gradually.
  I decided to change my life by learning according to God's character with the wisdom, mind and heart God gave me. I started going to church often here in New Zealand, introduced by Heman, and I met Pastor Chang-beom Ko, a good neighbor of the church, and participated in the worship service every Sunday.
  I tried to attend the Sunday worship service every week, and while listening to the pastor's sermons, my faith and faith in God began to develop.
  As I received Jesus a few weeks ago, I am trying to live a life that only lives on the word of the Lord. Thank you for loving, holding on to, and guiding this poor and sinful sinner.

Youngil Jung who received Jesus and was saved