After 23 Kosta - Jordan Kim (24 Dec 2023)

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My experience at KOSTA was amazing as I got closer to God, and honestly, I have no regret sacrificing 3 days without football if I didn't go to KOSTA I feel like I would be stuck in a loop of sin. I also found a new meaning in my life which wasn't to become the best footballer in the world but a person who would tell the gospel around the world by using football if I go pro I would be famous which means I can tell people the gospel around the world. I also learned that I should be uncomfortable as if I'm comfortable I will slowly feel like I do not need God, I also learned that God prefers people to connect heart to heart with him instead of just attending church every day and donating to the church. One of the most important things I learned was this thing called the 4 C's which are Conviction, Conservation, Commitment, and Courage, I use this when I am thinking about whether I should keep going on things. Lastly, I learned that I shouldn't be like the rest of the world as even if I do try to fit in with the world it is not possible as we don't belong to this world but in the kingdom of heaven where God Lives. Overall even though it was very tiring, I think it was a very extraordinary journey of finding new people, talking to new people, and finding wisdom, one thing that surprised me was that I was very intrigued as it was very relatable and
 interesting to listen to, I also loved the worshipping as it was a time where I could my heart and soul into him. One thing I was not satisfied with was the food as it was a bit too salty for me but that's fine.