Confession - Robin Yoon

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Lord, you are always speaking in our ears.
Lord, you are the one who makes our hearts beat.

But we heard Your voice, but we didn't want to listen.
Sometimes we heard your voice, but we pretended not to hear.

On days when our hearts are broken,
we let out all the noise of our hearts without any filter.
We didn't even want to think about anything You were saying.

But now we want to sit quietly before You again.
Until all the chatter of our minds is quieted. 
We want to quietly hope and meditate on the love of the cross.

We ask. Lord. In 2024.
May we be silent until we hear Your voice better.
May we pray until we hear Your voice better. 

Lord, help us to seek Your heart before we ask for what we want.

     Lord, may we not do what our hearts tell us to do 
and wait until we can hear You better.

     Lord, help us not to do what our heart tells us to do 
and give us the courage to do what You tell us to do.